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Ashley Katryna

Ashley Katryna works in a range of media: drawing, painting, print, and costume.  

She holds her HBA from the University of Toronto with a focus on medieval, renaissance, baroque and modern art and architecture and her Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College specializing in painting and drawing.

Artist Statement:

"I set out to create dreamlike images inspired by folklore and mythology. Each painting expresses fears that remain unspoken in life – the fear of wolves around the corner, of loss, or of falling into shadow."


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My studies at U of T led to a passion for medieval art. In studying the Vatican Virgil I fell in love with the vivid colour, precious gold-leaf and translucent velum pages of books that were over a thousand years old.

I found that drawing on synthetic vellum was the best way to evoke a mystical relationship with dream imagery.