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Ashley Katryna

Ashley Katryna works in a range of media: drawing, painting, print, and costume.  

She holds her HBA from the University of Toronto with a focus on medieval, renaissance, baroque and modern art and architecture and her Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College specializing in painting and drawing.

Artist Statement:

"I set out to create dreamlike images inspired by folklore and mythology. Each painting expresses fears that remain unspoken in life – the fear of wolves around the corner, of loss, or of falling into shadow."


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Encausting painting has become a dead art.  It is also one of the most archival mediums, with extant examples dating to more than 2000 years ago that look like they could have been painted yesterday. 

The paint is made by melting a high-heat, pale wax (like paraffin) and mixing powdered pigments into it in it’s liquid form – which is then allowed to cool, creating cakes of paint. These cakes can then be melted onto a heated tray which becomes my palette.

All of my encaustic paintings are made with handmade paints, with hand-mixed pigments and are the product of hours of painstaking work.